Name Badges

FOG Name Tags are Here!

Would you like a custom name badge like this to wear at FOG and other events?  We hope you will.  They help us get to know each other, and have gotten very positive remarks from non FOG car club people.

Paul Raben now has access to a machine for making personalized name badges with magnetic clip. The badges have a new design and cost $6.00 (includes shipping). To order, mail a check made out to Florida Owners Group to Paul Raben, 1200 Orange Isle, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 with your information.

We have made arrangements with The Monogram House so you can order them direct and have them sent to your home.  Overall size is 2” x 3”.  Here are the instructions:

  1. Take/locate a digital picture of your car in .jpg format.  Be sure to have some margins around the car because they have to do some cropping to get an oval image.Try to not have distracting items in the background like telephone poles, stop signs, etc. 
  2. Attach the picture to an email addressed to
  3. On the “Subject” line put “Porsche 356 Order” and include the following information:
    — The NAME(s) you want and the CITY and STATE you want listed.  Don’t forget to consider getting a badge for your spouse, son, daughter, etc as you see fit.
    — The CLASP you want.  A magnetic clasp or a “pin” type clasp for $12.00.  
    — The ADDRESS YOU WANT THE BADGES SENT TO and also a TELEPHONE NUMBER.  Shipping and handling will be about $2 depending on number of badges.
  4. Send off the email.  
  5. They will contact you within about a week to confirm the badge is in process and to get a credit card number for the charges.  You should receive the badge within two weeks.  If you have any question call 727-845-1578. They are very customer friendly.
  6. By the way, as long as you have your car image handy, please include Janis Croft at on the cc line of your email so she can put your car on our website under the “Members Cars” page.